Monday, 1 August 2005

Twenty Major

Language advisory! This blog contains the type of language that one may not meet in church on a Sunday but it's funnier than a funny thing and I especially enjoy the IRA statement. Check it out and give your chuckle muscles a treat but in a "Oh this is rude and naughty and I shouldn't be laughing" sort of way.

Note of caution though; The posting also refers to the funding that Irish terrorists received from the US during "The Troubles" - Americans with an irony by-pass might be better not reading it. And I'd keep GW away from it as the paucity of logic in the WAT(TM) would be further exposed and this might cause his head to cave in ;-)

7 careful considerations:

Angie said...

this might cause his head to cave in

And that would be a bad thing??

Nogbad said...

And that would be a bad thing??

Where does it say that? :-)

Wendy said...

I heard about that on the news. Why now are they disarming?

Nogbad said...

However cynical it appears I think part of it is probably, as shown in parody in that post, that they no longer see any value in keeping the guns. The IRA is supposed to be responsible for a good deal of organised crime and "the armed struggle" is shown as the crime it always was by the callous killings in London recently. It's interesting that the use of suicide in the tube bombings seems to have caused more revulsion than all the murders carried out by the paramilitaries on both sides in Northern Ireland. That includes Omagh and Warrington and the other bombings as well as the shootings.

At their height they were the most feared and destructive terrorist organization in Europe - maybe they have pulled out because they realise that the new "Gucci" in the terrorist world is AQ?

Echo Mouse said...

Funny post definitely but I read several of them over there. Oh me eyes me eyes!!! LOL He's got a gift that's for sure.

ScaryCheri said...

you mean that's what his head looks like NOT caved in?!?

I thought it had already happened.

Hey! You have a new pic up! you look all comfy on a couch or something.

Nogbad said...

Comfy on a couch with my youngest daughter cuddled up on my shoulder :-)