Thursday, 11 August 2005


The image shows the detail from the royal crest on the Christ Church gate - I took this shot today. People far brighter than me will be able to explain the meaning of all the symbols but I can help with the one on the right. It's the Tudor Rose from the period after The War of the Roses (and thus after 1485) as it shows both roses, the red of Lancashire (the house of Tudor) and the white of Yorkshire (the house of York), joined together. I have a tattoo of the red rose of Lancashire (without the white rose!).

And further symbolism - tonight's episode of "Absolute Power" played with the idea of a cousin of Osama Bin Laden trying to buy a symbol of "Britishness" namely British Airways - very funny too until turning over and catching the news that BA flights have been cancelled because of a strike over the sacking of hundreds of catering staff.

Industrial disputes used to be called "The British Disease" - another symbol?

2 careful considerations:

Angie said...

You have a tattoo?? Where?? How many?? Speak up!! LOL

Nogbad said...

Sorreeeeeeee! Classified information!