Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Cars and Canterbury

My car has been leaving a fine film of diesel wherever I park and as I'm borrowing my wife's car to take the children on holiday I thought it best if I got mine repaired - she would be a tad upset if I left my car and it broke down while I was away. Booked it into the main dealer in Canterbury and took it in at 08:30 this morning. "Fine, we'll carry out some diagnostics and let you know the score. We'll aim to have it done by 13:00" Cool think I. Canterbury is a lovely town, the weather is good, I'd taken a novel to read so I wandered into town for a relaxing morning of coffees and people watching and window shopping and reading (I also had a haircut). The phone rang at 12:30, just as I was wandering back towards the garage and it was them.

"We've carried out the diagnostic test, we know what the problem is but we won't have the parts until tomorrow morning"

Gosh I was displeased! Not because they don't carry the spare parts - that's fine. But how on earth am I supposed to believe that they had found out the results of the diagnostics at round about the time that the car was due to be collected? I don't resent the GBP11.00 taxi fare home but I do resent the wasted morning - sure it was nice being in town but I could have done some work had I been here.


Anyway - for those who don't know Canterbury here's a photo of the Christ Church Gate. It's the main entrance to the cathedral close and is where you now pay a fiver to get in. It's at the heart of the city and approached through some narrow streets which open out into a small piazza with a war memorial at its centre and the tables from the pub. There is usually live music and today was a guy with a guitar but I've also listened to someone playing the bagpipes while decked out in full regalia including the kilt.

I promise you - Canterbury is well worth a visit!

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Angie said...

oooOOooo a kilt?? (grins) Anything underneath?? Okay, I'll behave.

Very cool pic!!

kat said...

You have got to get out of the house occasionally and a trip to Canterbury sounds great. Hope the car gets fixed OK and it doesn't cost you too much money.

Nogbad said...

Hi Angie - I have to admit I took the photo last year but the gate hasn't changed. I wish I'd had the camera today though as the weather was great and the light really good.

Kat I leave the house regularly as you well know - I'm just not going to the pub tonight :-) The car will be just over a hundred quid :-(

chiquita said...

Yes, I do know Canterbury is worth a visit. I was there back in '91. Also liked Salisbury and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Nogbad said...

Danke Sehr Chiquita. I've lived in Salisbury too so I know what you mean. Canterbury has a different feel though, it's a little "earthier" and "real" but that might also be a function of my age now and my age then.

Lovely photos on your blog - Who is wearing the bath robes? Surely not in La Traviata??

chiquita said...

Wow, thanks!
Yes, they were wearing bath robes in the second act of La Traviata. Great music though, and some really good singing, so... whatever.