Monday, 4 July 2005

African perspectives

discussion continues and beneath the hype and glitz of the concerts real people are engaging in discussion about what support different parts of Africa might need. Some of it makes uncomfortable reading - it's a very complex situation and any suggestion that 53 separate countries need some sort of "blanket" solution is simply wrong-headed. Check out Ethan Zuckerman's blog for informed discussion with eloquent voices from around the world. The Black Star Journal is engaged in a dialogue with Ethan - an example of some deep reflection across the blogosphere. On Jewels in the jungle Black River Eagle, somebody else with practical experience in Africa, is also posting reasoned analysis of the situation as well as a fantastic blogroll of sites dealing with specific areas and from a range of authors. Finally, from another part of our tiny world, Rezwan in Bangladesh - an area described as part of the Third World, asks the question that most cynics seem unable to answer
If events like these never happened, how could we wake up a large number of people?

2 careful considerations:

Black River Eagle said...

Thank you for stopping by Jewels in the Jungle and that was a heck of a great comment (analysis) you left over at EZ's My Heart is in Accra blog. The best I have read so far on the importance of Live8.

Unfortunately I have never been to Africa but I plan to go down there very soon. My ancestors (African-American slaves) come from there and I'm getting old fast so I had better hurry up.

My experience with Africans really comes from my regular contact and engagement with them here in Europe where I presently live and work. Fascinating stuff.

Great blog you have here and I will be back to read and learn.

Nogbad said...

Wow thanks Bill! I'm not at all sure what I can teach but I am getting dismayed about the number of people taking the soft option of standing back and scoffing. Nobody has suggested that Live8 is "the" answer or even "an" answer but it's something where there was nothing and that has to be of value. As is typical of many who simply say "It won't work" they have no concrete alternatives and that's how we got in this bloody mess in the first place isn't it?

Komm gut nach Zud Afrika - Gluckliche Reise :-)