Friday, 29 July 2005

Dum a dum duma a dum

duma dum dum diddly.

Okay - for those without the musical background to recognise the opening of Alice Cooper's seminal work "Schools Out"............ Anyway (just imagine the frosty glance and the pout).

Anyway. The Houses of Parliment (Birthplace of Democracy whatever our small friend in Washington might think) are in recess for summer so Guido is left to sip Chardonney and make up stories. Bearing that in mind check out this
clearly photoshopped sign. And before anyone gets on my case about how distasteful this is - I know but it's nearly three AM and I'm tired and it's funny and before you get "Holier than thou" - I promise that I can offer you a decent run for your money in most mainstream belief systems :-)

4 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

It's the kind of black humour that gets us Brits our stiff-upper-lip blitz-survivors reputation, isn't it?

kat said...

I think most of us were already carrying that notice in our heads. Publishing it doesn't make it distasteful.

Wendy said...

Now that is funny!

Nogbad said...

Eeek all! I wear a beard and have a dark complexion so I'm driving everywhere right now :-)