Wednesday, 6 July 2005


I'm sure that ScaryCheri won't mind me highlighting her desire to learn Ingerlish like wot it's spoked here. Check out her new wurd. Mebbe the Ingerlish posse can offer some more terms that would fit well in Nu Joisey patois? And perlease read the rest of her blog 'cos it's good :-) (But don't let her flog ya a rockin chair - it'll be covered in gravy!)

5 careful considerations:

Bridget said...

nice blog

ScaryCheri said...

Advertising my desire to learn Ingerlish!
I've found a few good english to english trenslation sites(or more so English to American and vise versa translation), and I've been brushing up!

I'll be first in libe next time Pyk or someone asks for the Loo! And I'm always up for the chance to refer to something as bloody...that's always been my favorite, and I hate that when I do say something is a "bloody shame" or whatever, someone always has to say "bloody? you think your from England or something?!?". Bloody Yanks!

Nogbad said...

Bridget - I love your blog (swoon) been there from Cheri's but never had that stuff to post.

Nogbad said...

Cheri - ma dear - bloody is a bit special. When talking about Pyk one might say "that bloody (lovely) photographer!"

But one might also say "I had a bloody day" which is different. I might also ask for a "Bloody pint because it's been a tense day or simply talk about the bloody 'king ar*ehole who carved me up at the roundabout at Whitfield.

Tricky or what?

ScaryCheri said...

That's why I love the phrase! It's so diverse...anything can be bloody but it's in the tone that the point is