Sunday, 3 July 2005

Voices again

Birhan Woldu in 1985The photo is Birhan Woldu 20 years ago when featured in the Live Aid video and when the nuns looking after her thought she may only have 15 minutes left to live.

I've been roaming the wired world for a few more voices talking about

From Bangalore - "Thinking without a box" talks about the Green Day performance in Berlin. While Zuffar offers some thoughts on the TV coverage before having a private bonfire with said TV. Keith Scott is a missionary in Burkina Faso and his beautifully presented "Under the acacias" blog looks at the events in Edinburgh rather than rock music and "Time being" offers "what they want in fourteen words", a Canadian perspective. Check out Victoria's blog which includes some great personal reflection:
As I was watching the Live 8 concert yesterday, it hit me so hard. I was thinking. I have everything in the world. And I'm still complaining all the time. Food, water, everything I need. But look at those children and people in Africa, they die every 3 seconds due to extreme poverty.
and TV New Zealand highlights the impact of the Internet on the Live8 campaign. So the conversations continue and they have to keep going - don't let the conversation stop until the changes have happened.

3 careful considerations:

kat said...

don't let the conversation stop until the changes have happened.

If people forget no big changes will happen. To be fair though I don't think people forget. It is more a case of they don't know what else they can do.

I buy Fairtrade products whenever I can but I don't honestly know what impact that has and how much it actually helps. I will take a good look at the Fairtrade website at

Keith said...

Hi. Thanks for linking to my site! I think that if Live8 is waking people up to the issues, it's great. Just a shame if the issues get a bit lost in the hype. Thanks for helping to keep the focus.

Nogbad said...

Hi Keith - the hype is probably needed to wake people up to the issues but I agree that we need to keep a balance.