Wednesday, 13 July 2005


It took the best part of three hours to get home last night - and it's only 70 miles! I headed cross-country as the A22 towards the motorway was already looking lumpy. The route is lovely over to Royal Tunbridge Wells and then on towards Maidstone before cutting across to the M20, A249, M2, A2 and home.
Last night it was a crawl all the way until I reached the roundabout at Paddock Wood where we were diverted as the road was shut!!!
Long story short - I got fed up with crawling so headed off down back doubles on my lonesome and spent a frustrating time on lanes barely wide enough for the car. Finally made Maidstone where I stopped for some supplies at Sainsburys (the nearest one to where I live is across Canterbury) and I invested in some of their wonderful Kalamaki Olives from the deli. Finally got home and enjoyed the olives with some French bread and pate and some German meat and mature cheddar and a bottle of Stella.
Just wondering which way to head home tonight!
BTW - The image is to give a flavour of the scenery I was driving through.

6 careful considerations:

Ian M. said...

The Hop Farms at Paddock Wood?

Nogbad said...

That's the rascal - sadly I couldn't get that far though. The road was shut at the previous roundabout where left goes to Five Oaks Green and Tonbridge and right is Paddock Wood.

kat said...

I reached the roundabout at Paddock Wood where we were diverted as the road was shut!!!

Anything to do with the lineside fire?

Nogbad said...

That was my first thought but it seems unlikely as the diversion went in the direction of the fire site rather than away from it - as I decided to rebel and go the other way I don't know how close it got :-)

Echo Mouse said...

Traffic here (Canada) is always bad. I am sorry though that you got stuck in a diversion. That's not fun, but it looks like you had beauty scenery at least!! :-) You should travel with your camera for times like this. lol

Nogbad said...

I thought exactly that! I didn't have the camera - I had to "borrow" that photo as an illustration - but if I had I'd have been driving far slower and looking for places to stop and take some shots. The scenery round here can be truly stunning at times.