Saturday, 2 July 2005


Saint Bob, left arm aloft in the middle of "I don't like Mondays", is probably going to become one of those iconic images to match Che or Jimi or Ghandi or Mandela. Great also to see the rolling count of names being added to the Live8 list - and it's only just hit 3 million so what are you waiting for???. And Will Smith tying the Declaration in Independence back to today's events was moving too - alone might not make a difference but only a fool would ignore it, let's see what the politicians make of it this week.

2 careful considerations:

Rob Spence said...

Did you see Mandela today, though? He IS the president of the world, isn't he?

Echo Mouse said...

Mandela is always incredible, I agree.

Hey - I saw Will Smith but somehow missed that Independence Day bit. Jeez, it's too hard trying to watch tv AND 7 other countries online! lol