Friday, 15 July 2005

Beer miles

It's been a warm and busy week and it's not over yet - I'm working at an Open Day tomorrow but at least it's local (CCCUC). Getting home was another sticky and long-winded affair, motorways shut and the main drag from the M20 to the M2 clagged beyond useability because the county showground is on it and this weekend is the county show.

So I've just popped out and done a bit of research on beer miles. Being an environmentally aware sort of chappy I walked rather then drove and I drank the local brew. This is an old photo though as I didn't take the camera and I sat outside and I haven't smoked a cigarette for over a week now.

10 careful considerations:

Bridget said...

l loved smoking more than anything.
quit 9 mos ago.

Nogbad said...

Well done!

I have to stop, it's too expensive and my chest hurts and my house smells and I don't want my children to think that smoking is cool.

ScaryCheri said...

Aw :/

I was quit for 9 months and it crept back up on me.
Started smoking "just one" and blew it.

I'm at a half pack a day.

Good going on the week!!

It's really hard for me to drink beer and not smoke

Nogbad said...

I was smoking two and a half packs a day :-(

I've never found it difficult to drink beer, not ever never so that's okay :-)

Echo Mouse said...

Ok the Beer caught my eye.... lol

Beer miles. Really, it's rather amazing the beer even makes it to the store without somebody stealing it, or drinking it. :)

Smoking - sigh - $10/pack in Canada right now. Same price it was back in '87. Still too expensive. We've started our sloowwwwww cutting back today. Hope to quit, finally, within a few days.
Good for you for quitting!!!!! That's fantastic :)

Nogbad said...

That's a good call on beer theft! I wonder if I should set myself up as a sort of latter day Robin Hood? Liberating beer and giving it to the poor (okay, me!).

Okay I've just checked the exchange rate and a pack of cigarettes is around the same price here - slightly higher maybe, nearer $11 (assuming we're talking Canadian $s rather than USD). Of course for cheap smokes we can duck through the tunnel or on the ferry and buy them much cheaper in Europe but I'm going to stay away from them for a while I think.

I'm also avoiding coffee and tea so that I'm not bouncing around on a high because that's usually when I want a smoke. Grief at this rate I'll be making my own dresses soon!

pal said...

A week! Well done NG2. You really are past the worst. Any craving you get now will only last a minute or two so just keep busy to distract yourself!

Save the money you are saving and splurge out on something special for yourself. When I gave up I joined an expensive Spa (but it still cost less than my habit!)

Are you using gum or plain cold turkey?

Nogbad said...

Hiya Pal - my turkey is chilled rather than using some other crutch that might be as difficult to kick.

I'm investing the money in paying the rent and buying nice wine to sip in the garden, I hope that's okay :-)

pal said...

Lol! That sounds like a really good use of your savings. Glad you are on top of things :-)

I'll be down in Kent in August so keep sipping away, I'll come and join you :-)

Nogbad said...

Well let me know when won't you! You know where I am and as long as I'm around you are more than welcome and we can sort out the spare bed if you want to crash out.