Sunday, 31 July 2005

Boogy on reggae woman

Clearly some sort of American thing, EchoMouse "tagged me" so I have to answer some simple questions:

1. If you were a celebrity, what kind would it be (movies, tv, literature, crime, etc)?

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and fame" - I'm sure those with some learning in the classics will recognise that :-)

2. Which other celebrities would you make a concerted effort to try and be around?

Kim Catrell, Annette Benning, Nicole Kidman and George Best

3. Which other celebrities would you avoid like the plague?

Any I owe money, Wayne Rooney, celebrity chefs

4. Which celebrities would you date?

Kim Catrell, Annette Benning and Nicole Kidman

5. What would be your "Celebrity Cause"?

Live8, the Salvation Army and the RNLIB

6. Since celebs always get off, what crime(s) would you commit?

Being too damn cool for my own good

7. What would be the name of your tell-all book?

"A pint of Guinness would be lovely thanks"

8. Tag 3 people to do this poll.

Gorra be Pyk, Kat and Cheri hasn't it?

9. Link to the post that tagged you:

9 careful considerations:

ya_moncheri3 said...

I knew it before I got to the end.....dang

And isn't your first answer Satan?

Angie said...

Clearly some sort of American thing

We get blamed for everything! LOL

ScaryCheri said...

I don't know why my last couple of posts in your journal came up with my ID instead of my Username...weird

Echo Mouse said...

Hey hey hey now, I'm Canadian!!!! lol
If I was American, I'd be a pitbull not a mouse ;)

Drugs and casual sex...that's actually the tourist attraction in Montreal. Toronto too, and Vancouver. Oh, and weed is legal and if you're gay, you can get married here :) LOL

Thanks for playing! Great answers :)

p.s. Saw my nephew today. He loved your advice best. Thinks you're fun but agrees with me on the Molson thing. I know, none of us get out nearly enough.

Lobster Blogster said...

Not much on offer in Canada for lobsters then.

Nogbad said...

Spooky - I've already replied to this one!

EM - Are you working for the Canadian Tourist board? I'm surprised that the drugs and casual sex isn't more widely advertised - you'd not be able to move for visitors!

Are you sure that Canada isn't just a bit of America though?

Tell nephew he's more than welcome and that I hope he grows up to realise that Molson (and American Budweiser) are not really beer. Buy him a bottle of real Budweiser from Budvar or a bottle of a real Munich beer and he'll see the light.

Angie said...

Are you sure that Canada isn't just a bit of America though?

ROFL! Are you trying to insult Canadians?!?!?

Echo Mouse said...

LOL Angie! Thank ya, Thank ya very muchly :)

You know, I really think the Canadian Tourist Board could use a mouse of my stature. I know e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
Fer instance, just today I did in fact find something for Lobster Blogster in Canada. Even before I stopped in here! Must a psychic vibe thingy going on in the bloggy world today... lol

Oh ANDDDD we do celebrate Oktoberfest so I must have had german beer at some point. I just don't remember it. It's the brain thing again :)

ScaryCheri said...

What? Canada?...the 51st state right?