Thursday, 7 July 2005

London bomb blasts

In case anyone hasn't caught the news - there have been a series of explosions in London and the police now believe that at least one was caused by a suicide bomber. Check out the BBC site for the latest details.

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ScaryCheri said...

I just read about it on Yahoo News! I was shocked, to go from such a high to a terrorist aweful!

London will be in my prayers today.

pal said...

My Australian nephew is in London - he is flying out this evening. We have managed to speak to him although the mobile network is stretched to max. He's safe and he can't get over the British stiff upper lip and how everything is carrying on as if nothing had happened. I forgot to tell him we are used to it - the war, the IRA and now this f***ing lot. We wont let anyone take away our freedom to live life as we want and if that means business as usual so be it.

Hugs to all.

Echo Mouse said...

It's all over the news here in Canada. Horrifying to say the least.

I can't believe this is happening. Live8, G8 .. we get hopeful and finally start to feel better and then wham - terrorism is back.

My condolences to everyone in London. We're keeping you in our thoughts.

kat said...

Hi Pal

One of my step sons works 200 yards from where the bus blew up and he said that he and everyone else were just so very shocked. His dad managed to contact him via text message initially but they have since spoken on the phone. A bit worrying at the time.

Mandrake said...

I heard that the "suicide bombing" on the bus was not a suicide. Rather, it was a bomb that went off prematurely when being caried to an underground station by a terrorist.

Nogbad said...

Kat - I'm glad everyone is okay if shaken.

Mandrake - Yes, that seems possible but there are still some issues over how the bombs were detonated

kat said...

Kat - I'm glad everyone is okay if shaken.

Thanks. Everyone finished work early but there was no transport available in the centre of London. Matthew walked 8 miles before getting on a train.