Friday, 8 July 2005


Just to remind everyone that it's Bishopsbourne Fete tomorrow. 14:00 onwards with great attractions for young and old. Please don't forget the parking difficulties once past the pub, try parking near the church. There isn't a "park & ride" facility but feel free to park in Bridge or Canterbury and walk.


6 careful considerations:

kat said...

Can't you pick us all up in Canterbury and ferry us in?

You will be in the pub by then? Oh I see.

Nogbad said...

Happy to help Kat! Just let me know which station and which train. I'm collecting the children later this evening so it'll be a booze-free day tomorrow (and evening as I have to get Calum to a korfball tournament very early on Sunday). What time will you be here then? :-))

kat said...

I think there could be a problem with the transport.

Line-side fire between Paddock Wood and Maidstone West

Nogbad said...

Oh dear that's the totally wrongest train to be on Kat. That's a horse-drawn shuttle between Paddock Wood (nice place but 15 light years from anywhere) and the Medway Towns. Tell Luke that you should either be looking for one going to Dover from London or anything to Ashford and then get the most delightful local train along the Wye valley to Canterbury - it's truly awesome (and it's probably better if you get Luke to do the navigating :-)))))))))))))

That help? :-))

kat said...

Luke has carried a great responsibility since birth. :-)

True story – child aged about two and a half and being pulled by reigns.

“Mummy Mummy”

"Just a minute Luke, I am struggling with this shopping"

“ Mummy Mummy”

“Luke! Come on!”

“Mummy Mummy”

Luke! We have to get home. This shopping is very heavy and it is hard work getting it, and you, up this hill.

Child now sits down on the pavement and refuses to move.


“Mummy you don’t have to carry shopping. We came in the car. It’s down there on the car park”

Nogbad said...


I guessed he might be struggling with a direction-challenged mother when you mentioned the Paddock Wood to Maidstone train :-)