Friday, 23 December 2005


Just received a Christmas card from abroad. It is addressed to:
Nigel Gibson
Within crawling distance of The Mermaid
and Barry (the postie) delivered it correctly!

4 careful considerations:

Angie said...

It only shows you live in a VERY small town! Couldnt' get away with that where I live!

Bluefluff said...

A friend abroad who obviously knows you very well :-)

Echo Mouse said...

Nooooo way!!?? That's too cool.

I always picture you living down the road from the farmer in the Babe piglet movie. It must be similar to that.

I'll remember that address for future ref ;) lol

Nogbad said...

Very small village Ang but bigger than a hamlet. Yes Bluefluff, George knows me very well indeed! He was my boss for many years, including the time I lived in Germany :-)

Mousley - Is it okay to admit that I've never seen Babe and that I have no immediate plans to rectify this obvious defecit in my artistic life? :-) Not many pig farmers round here, Kent is called The Garden of England because the soil and climate are best suited to growing stuff - we have orchards and hop fields and vineyards nearby. Lots of sheep on uncultivated land (like the parks here) and down on Romney Marsh (which even has a sheep breed of its own - the Romney) because, as the name suggests, the land isn't fit for much else.