Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Waving or drowning?

Oh dear, poor old (young actually) Ruth. We know she tried her very best but it wasn't really good enough was it? Even Beefy Prescott, and he's in her gang, wasn't a fan of her latest idea and now she's started laying down smoke and turning as fast as possible in the opposite direction.
She [also] admitted that her white paper lacked clarity, and that she was responsible for confusion over terminology describing trust schools as self-governing schools.

Battling to save her reforms from being thrown out by Labour backbenchers, she also argued that local authorities will be given new powers to inspect the admission arrangements of any expanding or new schools before they are given approval.
Oh dear, a fighting retreat it is then. Check out the Education Guardian for a blow by blow.

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Bluefluff said...

LOL! It'll be interesting to see what Austin has to say about that.