Thursday, 29 December 2005

Blair and Straw and torture

Tim Ireland has set a new challenge on his "Bloggerheads" blog.
What is the biggest and/or boldest lie Tony Blair or Jack Straw has told regarding their use, awareness and/or tolerance of torture?
This draws mainly on the documents produced by Craig Murray, previously Ambassador to the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan and now a writer and broadcaster. The gvernment has been trying to gag Murray, particularly over the documents which you can read by following the link above. Interestingly the site asks that everyone copies the documents to their own site. At first vew this contradicts the idea that on the web we would link rather than duplicating material but in this instance the proliferation of these documents is a form of mass defence.

5 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

The link's giving a 404, Nigel.

Nogbad said...

Cheers Lynne - sorted now :-)

Echo Mouse said...

I've been reading back on all the good stuff I missed here :)

Your town is so gorgeous! It's like a fairytale. Thanks so much for sharing all the photos :)

THANK YOU for the link to the Perfect Turkey. I can see having to take over cooking the holiday dinners for Mom soon and have no freaking clue how to do it. So this is perfect!!! When I saw your photo with the bucket, I thought you were cooking it in the Beer Chicken recipe everyone raves about LOL

Your Christmas sounds like it was lovely :)

Bluefluff said...

I see the story of Murray's defiance is spreading:

fugusashi said...

My dad served in two wars. The only thing he ever told me when I asked about his service was this:

"War is Hell."

Not an original quote, but true, maybe?