Wednesday, 7 December 2005


Here's some stuff to consider:
  • Stuff 1. An organization I'm doing some work for haven't paid me because their system has messed up. My +GBP 1k will arrive towards the end of December - a couple of months late - and might not have arrived at all if I hadn't chased it.
  • Stuff 2. Got the result for this year's course and I passed which means that I'm now officially 2/3rds towards an MEd.
  • Stuff 3. I'm going to MK on Friday to join a group of people loking at how we might use online technologies such as WIKIs to support colleagues - should be fun!
  • Stuff 4. Tomorrow (Thursday, 08/12) is the 25th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon.
So there ya go - stuff is cool!

9 careful considerations:

Anonymous said...

So long as we don't have to call you Sir Nog or Doc Nog.

bluefluff said...

"Master Nog" has a certain ring to it though, don't you think? This time next year..........
Congratulations, Nigel :-)

Nogbad said...

Thanks Lynne :-)

GW - I will of course just demand the rights which go with a higher degree; access to all night drinking dens and a clean glass with the first drink.

Unknown said...

If you're two thirds to an MEd, are you an ME?

Anonymous said...

All night drinking dens? You mean any pub or 24-hour Tesco's?

And of course and accomplished higher degree holder will tell you that you now have the right to place your own drinking mug behind the bar of any public house with less than 50 regulars. As well as the right to be known as 'Professor' in said establishment. Sadly you lose the right to enter the pub quiz.

Nogbad said...

Rob - Isn't that the qualification claimed by Quincy, the day time TV doctor played by Jack Klugman? Will I be able to wander around solving mysteries? Am I allowed to carry out medical examinations?

GW - Many of the people who drink in my local are engaged in education as teachers and such like so I'm not part of the quiz team anyway :-) I am left to wonder why Tescos don't start their own quiz teams now that they are the biggest beer sellers in the UK!

Anonymous said...

They do have puzzles in the store though.

What's that one? Oh yes, I remember. It's called Which Sodd-in-queue?

bluefluff said...

Re Stuff 3: will you be blogging a report on that?

Nogbad said...

GW - I prefer the other game, "Which aisle did they hide it in this time?"

Yup BF - just as soon as I unnerstan what it's all about!

Now on my fourth attempt at posting this - the Word verification stuff is getting to eight and nine letters and I can't read them properly!