Thursday, 15 December 2005

Oh come all ye faithful!

Diary dates boys and girls! As those who have looked at the Bishopsbourne pages on my web site will know that The Mermaid has a large Christmas tree outside the front door at this time of year (at other times of the year there are Christmas trees growing across the road but don't let EchoMouse know because she will go to great lengths to hunt trees!).

Next week, on the 21st, we have carol singing round the tree. Last year it was wonderful, after a few carols outside everyone piles into the pub and it's mobbed and bouncing with everyone singing along to the piano and accordian - a great way to start the festive countdown.

On 12th night, the 6th of next year, the mummers will be performing at The Mermaid. For those who don't know mummers are travelling players who perform a traditional folk play. For details of mumming try
this site.

So there you are chaps - two dates that you should really try to make!

2 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

Do we get new pics this year, or is the tree much as it was?

Nogbad said...

I'll try and take some photos but in general it's much as last year.