Saturday, 24 December 2005


Not stopped being a Domestic Goddess today! All presents wrapped (except the one that hasn't been delivered - whoops!), Turkey soaking in brine (recipe here) - it's in a bucket in the kitchen hearth with a tray on top and a case of Stella on the tray to keep the damn thing submerged, veggy stuffing for pepper cooked (Jemma is a veggy), sprouts par boiled - they will be finished with chestnuts and cooked en papilotte, parsnips and sweet potatoes peeled - to be honey roast with rosemary, wine in the fridge, camera on charge, a litre of port waiting to be opened (when everyone else has gone!), loads of logs next to the fire, candles everywhere ready to be lit, new table cloth and napkins on the table, holly cut and branches round the house, decorations up, still loads of washing up to do but that's me for today.

Wherever you are in the world I wish you whatever you wish for yourself at Christmas and I hope you get what you want rather than what you deserve ;-)

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Bluefluff said...

You too, Nigel - hope it's a good one :-)