Friday, 9 December 2005

Retro games

Now those of us who have been knocking around PCs for a while have probably played some PC games. Back in the dim and distant past before SimCity 3000 and the real big heavyweights we played platform games and here are some sites where you can grab the originals and they run under XP! Try DukeNukem (1, 2 and 3D) from DOS Games. The first version came out 14 years ago and is still a lovely example of the genre, play each version in order and you will see how they developed. Commander Keen is also cool and great for younger people as there are some lovely "baddies" but no real violence - and try handling the pogo stick! Wolfenstein is also there with Heretic and Return of the triads - real classics before the advent of Doom and Quake and the real blockbuster first person shoot 'em ups.
My good buddy Big Dave in Pembroke is a fan of Pushover and what's not to like? It's a puzzle game featuring an ant and rows of dominoes that have to be arranged in the correct way to be knocked over with a single push - I promise that I'm underselling it and it can be very adictive (Fonzie - if you got a buzz out of those eggs you have to try this game!)

3 careful considerations:

Echo Mouse said...

I never got into games until my little brother showed me Diablo when I first left work. That was five years ago.

I've long since exhausted Diablo and given it away. My computer has gone from nothing but business and financial software to game heaven. lol

Unfortunately, Diablo spoiled me so I cannot bear the DOS games everyone loves. I'm sure it's my own failure to appreciate greatness in gaming :)

Squid Vicious said...

Can't post, must play...

You should consider becoming Noggood!

Anonymous said...