Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Remember fisking?

The act of critically debating a posting. Well following the ID decision there has been a good deal of commentary from both sides and one pro-ID writer - a Mr Witt - has been firmly fisked at "Heaven is not the sky". This isn't a rant or a slagging (in the old fashioned use of the word) but a reasoned response which clearly draws on a detailed reading of the judge's 139 page decision. "The Questionable authority" draws together a range of sources responding to the lawsuit (that's where I got the other link) and The Panda's Thumb" has some good stuff too.

Before we get carried away with the idea that this is a US phenomenon -
BBC 2003 and also in 2004. I can't find any follow up to these stories but it seems probable that individual schools in the UK are also teaching creationism at least alongside evolution if not as the sole theory. The difference here is probably that LEAs don't control the curriculum and in independent schools (or academies) and faith schools there is more latitude for this type of teaching but the latter piece suggests that some teachers feel uncomfortable with it (but not, I'd guess, all). I don't know how much a school costs nowadays but if I could afford one the first rule would be no ManUre paraphanlia and we'd teach the truth about great Mancunian football teams :-)

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Rob Spence said...

...those teams being City and City reserves no doubt...
I'm sure Mr Vardy is promoting creationism in the science depts of his academies still. and Mr Tony is very relaxed about it.

Nogbad said...

They will be the ones Rob. I'd include the great heros like Bert and King Colin and Joe and Malcolm and Buzzer and Tony in history lessons :-)

I don't suppose we should be too surprised that Tony is relaxed about creationism - I read a very interesting piece at Bloggerheads which draws some parallels between the US and UK and the effect that three people and two relgions have had on our daily lives.

Bluefluff said...

I can't find any follow up to these stories

The Thorne one went ahead - it opened this September. Apparently it was fully subscribed 9 months before it opened.

The Conisbrough plans were abandoned after opposition from parents.

It would be nice to believe the declaration in their FAQ:

Will our children be taught Creationism?

The Foundation Academies do what is required by law. The National Curriculum syllabus for science requires that the theory of evolution is taught and this requirement is fully met. The National Curriculum specifically states scientific data can be interpreted in different ways and produce different theories (eg the theory of evolution). The Foundation Academies’ curriculum fully meets these requirements. HMCI is content with the teaching of Science at Emmanuel College.

The Biblical view of creation is taught in RE lesson. Students are taught to consider opposing theories and come to their own, reasoned conclusions.

& the testimonies from Muslim & Sikh families.

But somehow I have my doubts....

Rob Spence said...

Bert Trautmann - my number 1 childhood hero...
On the Vardy thing, a good link is to
Humanist Organisation
which gives you the full low down.

Nogbad said...

Bert was my father's hero too and the first game I took my son to (last year) Bert was there to be presented with an award!

Great link Rob - many thanks.

WV: okcnd - any arguments? :-)

Rob Spence said...

Bert was the greatest - my role model as the fearless keeper for my primary school team. (Usual score: 6-0 to them...)
WV ejwtdua - African dictator?