Monday, 26 December 2005

Weather update

The heavy rain earlier this evening has turned to snow, it's lying on the lawn but not on the road yet. Sitting here I can hear it hitting the fire. The forecast is for heavy snow tomorrow and snow showers Wednesday and Thursday so it should be fun! I have 4 litres of milk, plenty of veg and meat and more booze than you could shake a stick at. Those not getting their own snow can click here to make a snow flake!

2 careful considerations:

kat said...

Well, if you get lots of snow we will expect to see some good photographs of real snowmen.

Tips from eHow Users: A little water helps a lot.
Fill a juice pitcher with cold water and pour a little down the centre and around the outside of your snowman every now and then. This gives him instant strength and stick as you build.

Nogbad said...

Immediate thoughts:

1. Someone has experimented with this?

2. Someone then wrote it up on the web?

3. Even translating pitcher to jug I don't have a fruit one :-)