Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Slack blogging

Another photo of the village with snow - saves me waking my drowsy brain to think of something incisive or interesting to say.

Oh, one thing - I treated myself to "Return of the champions - Queen + Paul Rodgers" and watched it today. While Paul Rodgers isn't Freddie he can belt out a tune and they bung in some of his own stuff too. Damn fine stuff and the old Queen classics are given a "rockier" feel.

2 careful considerations:

Echomouse said...

I thought I had commented on this post but apparently not. lol

Nog, you simply must make a calendar filled with photos of your lovely town and offer it up for sale. I swear, if I wasn't afraid of flying, I would be on the first plane to visit and have a good beer. You live in the prettiest place I think I've ever seen.

Nogbad said...

Oh Mousley! Fight that fear! Flying is safer than driving (especially the way I drive - and you even take photos while driving, how scary is that?????)

Like anywhere else it's not the prettiness that makes it but the people and the people here are cool. When you've overcome your fear of flying I'll buy you that beer (but remember - it's proper beer not that muck that Americans drink :-))