Saturday, 4 June 2005


I'm sending this via email to test my email account. B£$%$y technology! Last night my main ISP (I'll not say who so that their identity is protected - let's call them BT for now) refused to recognise my user name and password but using the same information I could check mails on their web page and through my mobile. As both use different access portals it points to their validation server but what a pain. I use Mailwasher to catch and kill spams and it checks my accounts every three minutes so every three minutes it gave a bleat to say that it couldn't get in to BT. Of course I've determined the source of the problem after some reflection - at the time it's amazing that you find you have ten thumbs, I need this account as it's the main "business" one and I sat wondering what had gone wrong, what had I done this time?


Well I've run Spybot and Spyware Doctor, Sophos and Stinger, I've lighted incense and threatened next door's cat, I've sworn and raged against the dying of the light and I think it's hanging together - damn technology!

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