Friday, 10 June 2005

Johnny B Goode

So I'm in a pub in Scarboro engaged in a wake for three people. There is a brilliant Elvis giving it large and we've toasted friends no longer here. It's not always easy going back, I lived here over twenty years ago, but oftentimes iteration reveals new understandings. Mebbe one day I'll understand it all - and mebbe one day I'll realise that understanding is really not so important. Anyone who tells you that you cannot go back is wrong! From a pub in Scarboro, signing off. Drinks are flowing and I'd like you all to say whatever you say for Margaret, Alan and Frankie.

Good health!

3 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

Good health to you all :-)

Bluefluff said...

& how wonderful is it, that Nog can share that bittersweet moment with his friends?

Morning-Loves-It said...

I felt what you were saying Nog. Good health indeed.