Wednesday, 1 June 2005

White rabbit!

So it's half-term and I have two of the children here. It's constantly amazing how the dynamics change when one or other isn't part of the triumvirate and this week the missing link is camping with the Guides so I have the "littlies". No real plans, the weather isn't that great and now that they've told me what they want to eat I need to get some shopping so we may trundle down to Whitfield for the shopping and then down into Dover to have a look at the sea and have a stroll.

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours!

First of June - where does the time go? The photo shows some of my neighbours over the weekend. They come down from the top field for a drink in that trough and then wander off again but it makes for a nice soundscape with their bleating and mewling in the background while working or chilling in the garden.


3 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

Oh Grandma, what b-i-g rabbits you have in Kent ;-)

Nogbad said...

I can't be the only one who knows that superstition surely??

Bluefluff said...

Nah, there's lots of us. I was just being flippant :-)