Saturday, 11 June 2005


I'm writing this from St Nicholas Gardens. High on the headland to my left is the castle and below is the harbour and the beach. Gulls are crying from roosts on The Grand and the ornately confected Royal with its fine, wrought iron balconies is behind me. Time for a coffee and then the motorway. The reason for the subject? On 10/06/1943 Lazlo Biro patented the ballpoint pen in the US - so don't say I never tell you nowt :-)

2 careful considerations:

Morning-Loves-It said...

Safe journey home to you and I thought the biro was older than that. All that new technology must have been amazing at the time.

Bluefluff said...

So the biro liberated people from the hotel inkwell, allowing them to write postcards anywhere on their travels. Just look how far we've come :-)