Wednesday, 1 June 2005

It Asda do!

Shopping should always be nice but we had a smashing time today.

Instead of doing the boring local store we went to Broadstairs where there is a nice big Asda which means different stuff to prod and poke. We bought some DVDs, currently watching "Men in Black 2" (because both children like it) and I also got "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Usual Suspects" - perhaps not children's viewing but just right for a glass of red! Just looked at the DVD collection and it's looking decidedly "blokey" - except I've also got "All that Jazz", "Cabaret" and "Casablanca" but other than that it's action or humour all the way! (Not unlike my life?? In fact not at all like my life :-))

A Hawker Hurricane

From there we went to the Spitfire and Hurricane memorial at Manston. Anyone in the area should check it out - free entry and a small, compact museum which includes a Spitfire and a Hurricane as well as uniforms, medals, pieces of aircraft from around Kent and stories of many of the local men (and women) who played a part in WW2. Not the best photo I've ever taken but not bad given that I used the phone!


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