Thursday, 2 June 2005

To be on your own, with no direction home............

Grief - various email accounts with a range of queries this morning so here are answers to a couple:
  • Poetry - Yes! A range of compilations and I also include reading (or listening to) Dylan. Anyone catch the interview on Mayo on R5 yesterday? The guy (found his name now: Greil Marcus) who has written a book about the song "Like a rolling stone". Fascinating and certainly on my shopping list!
  • Broadbanders can listen to the complete show on the BBC R5 web site or simply scroll to that interview (it's at about 1:36:30 in elapsed time) - this link may only work for a few days as they seem to use a rolling rota and simply name the files by day rather than date
  • Morning Love-it has threatened to leave body parts littering this page - please don't but by all means leave a comment and say "Hello!" :-) For those who don't know her - Morning is a techno-tiger based in Dorset but with near global reach.
  • Pyk wants me to thank everyone who has visited her blog after I mentioned it elsewhere and invites any and all to post comments and get a bit of banter and yattering going!
Like a rolling stone
Always something to bear in mind!
So I hope that deals with some of the queries, I've done some others 121. Have a nice day one and all :-)

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