Saturday, 25 June 2005


A little more tinkering and you should now see Nogbad in the address field next to the URL for this blog. And if you use a tabbed browser he'll be there too.

Off to collect my glasses soon and that should improve productivity - right now I'm severely limited in terms of when I can read small type, the light has to be very good and it's really getting me down. I'll let you know how it goes :-)

8 careful considerations:

Unknown said...

Is Nogbad related to Noggin the Nog? And where did you get the graphic, Nigel?

Nogbad said...

Nogbad the Bad is the hero of the Noggin the Nog tales Rob and I haven't the first clue where I first found the graphic. My domain name is (anything on that is mine) and I occasionally chat with the people who have On my own site I use Nogbad as the standard image and usually clicking the image takes visitors back to the previous menu.

My relationship with Nogbad goes to me not having a middle initial and needing three characters for user names so a childhood nickname came into play.

Unknown said...

I didn't remember Nogbad, but he's there on the Noggin site (which doesn't work well in Firefox - black mark). Not quite the hero, Nigel- he's described as "Noggin's black-hearted and scheming uncle, who will stop at nothing to take Noggin's crown for his own. Whenever troubles abound, one can be sure that the wicked Nogbad is behind them. Banished from his black castle in the Land of the Nogs, Nogbad retreated to stay with his granny in Finland, but often appears living in other lands (usually having forced out the rightful inhabitants) with his flock of infamous black crows."

Nogbad said...

I think we could be arguing about who is really the hero here. Noggin is naive and thinks about fluffy bunnies and believes that everything will always turn out right. Nogbad is pragmatic and doesn't let slight setbacks get him down :-)

Unknown said...

Well, I know the devil has all the best tunes and so on, but my recollection was that Noggin was a kind of politically correct ( in pre pc days) Viking, who didn't go in for pillaging and the like. Nogbad, whom I've obviously erased from my memory, having doubtless been traumatised by him (is there a support group?) comes across as your unreconstructed trad Norseman, always up for a bit of pillage and plunder. He could be the hero, but only an anti-hero: like Particia Highsmith's Ripley, or Milton's Lucifer.

bluefluff said...

comes across as your unreconstructed trad Norseman, always up for a bit of pillage and plunder

You've not met NG2, I take it? ;-)

The official Noggin site is at
( offers a different sort of pillage & plunder).

Nogbad said...

My favourite Noggin site is and includes a page about Nogbad ( which includes reference to Nogbad probably being the most popular character because everyone else is so boringly nice :-)

Nogbad said... offers a different sort of pillage & plunder

Just looked - they must have given up their domain as last time I was there it was another Noggin site!