Sunday, 5 June 2005


Scarborough is 309 miles from here (according to Autoroute) and I will be there on Friday for a funeral. It looks as though I'll be going via Leeds/Bradford airport to collect a very dear friend who is flying in from Spain and dropping him back in Aylesbury on the way back on Saturday. Anyone spotting my tatty Peugeot on Thursday or Saturday would be well advised to avoid me as I'll be in a rush whichever leg of the journey I'm on :-)

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Morning-Loves-It said...

Tatty Peugeot? I bet it isn't as tatty as mine. Mine is seventeen years old and a 'rag-top' and now I know why they call them rag-tops!Its done 180 thousand miles and we wonder how much longer it'll last. The MOT costs more than the car is worth. So does the annual road fund license. Safe journey ;-)