Friday, 3 June 2005


So after the storm the sun came out and the sheep came down for a quick game of footy!

Weirdness on the blog though - I know that someone has posted a comment, they are emailed to me automagically, but it's not appeared on the page which is a shame as I was going to ask the poster whether he'd like to retell the tale of taking the trailer to be MOT'd and nearly not bringing it back :-)

I'm also trying to talk Morning Love-it into blogging, I think she'd be great and it would suit her style but she's not taken the plunge yet. If it doesn't happen soon I think we'll be organising a million people marching on Dorset!


3 careful considerations:

Pelicanhellican said...

Two of my ladies have posted comments on my site which have never appeared. It's a tad confusing! Pyk.

Nogbad said...

I'm still missing one from GG (Im Deutschland) - innit weird?

HH said...


Now this beats the bricks;-))