Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Expensive date

I met a charming young lady today, she was very attentive and we spent about an hour together. She paid particular attention to my eyes and lots of time gazing into them. At the end of the time I gave her a couple of hundred pounds and I'll collect two pairs of glasses in just over a week - now I'll have glasses to drive in as well as reading glasses and I've gone for varifocal, one pair are sun-glasses.
A sign of advancing years I suppose 8-)

2 careful considerations:

Anonymous said...

I did the same only it cost me £350 and I still cannot see much better. There again I can see the moon and the sun, so how far do I really want to see?

Nogbad said...

My thoughts too! I've never collided with either so I must be doing okay. It'll be nice to be able to read without standing up though - ATM I can only see the small print if I put the paper on the table and stand, my arms are simply not long enough any more.